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I love the weather and I love it in my games. It makes them feel more real. Yet, for some reason, whenever a CoT "bad" weather system comes up, I hear thunder and see lightning , but no rain appears. However, during CoT storms, I just get lightning/thunder without rain.

Are lightning storms without rain intentional additions by CoT or is something wrong with my installation? However, I've figured out that this issue only affects weather types that were installed by CoT. During vanilla weather types, lightning and rain work together flawlessly. During vanilla "bad" weather systems on the other hand, everything works properly; rain, thunder, lightning, etc. I get rainstorms sometimes, but I often get storms with just lightning/thunder and no rain. For reference, here's a list of my installed mods that affect Skyrim's weather: Climates of Tamriel, CoT Dawnguard, CoT Dragonborn, CoT Sounds Climates of Tamriel weather patch Immersive Skyrim thunder V6 Lightning during Thunder Storms, Lightning during Thunder Storms CoT Patch Supreme Storms for CoT Also, for the record, CoT weathers that include snow work perfectly fine. Are you getting rain at all, or just some storms that have no rain? I also remember that the author of CoT mentioned he had reduced the amount of rain happening in version 3.

Cause some of the users were whining about so much bad weather, rain in particular. So there ARE weathers without rain but with thunder and so I think mintys mod will just add lighting. Going based off my own experience here, but I've seen some just pure thunderstorms with no rain. I am using NMM You could try using an ENB and look up the specific weather ID, to check it its supposed to even have rain, or just an overcast weather with Thunder.

I am using Minty's lightning mod. This has been bugging me for a while so any help would be greatly appreciated! Maybe it is just something that CoT added. Or another lightning mod altogether?.

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